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Our Services

  • HR and Compensation Strategies
  • Pay Program Design
  • Surveys
  • Incentive Plans
  • Audits
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Performance Management


Compensation Strategy Development

We believe that compensation can be a powerful strategically in an organization's quest for improvement. What it consists of and how it is used are of prime importance. "Doing what others do" or using time-worn methods will not achieve your objectives. We help your company make the best use of its compensation dollars, which can represent as much as 75% of a company's total expenses.

Pay Program Design

Some organizations aren't ready for the latest developments in the field of Compensation. They need a formal, traditional pay system to simplify administration, save time and provide structure. We can help in some or all of the following design elements of a traditional job-based program:

  • Job analysis
  • Job description writing
  • Job evaluation
  • Pay structure development
  • In-grade pay strategies

Pay Surveys

With the concern about potential antitrust violations associated with the pay survey process, third-party surveys have become the only way to confidently protect your company. As a result, our survey practice has grown considerably. We conduct Compensation and Benefit surveys locally, regionally and nationally for well-known companies and associations.

The Survey Center

Whether you pay for jobs, skills or competencies, the need for pay data doesn't disappear. Without it, you may underprice or overprice the work of your company. Our extensive library of pay surveys is available for your own pay data research. If you prefer, we can research pay data for you.

Skill-Based Pay and Gainsharing Plans

Alternative Reward Strategies are alternatives to traditional merit- and entitlement-based pay systems. Two primary strategies are Skill-Based Pay and Gainsharing Plans. Skill-Based Pay is an individual incentive plan that pays employees for skill acquisition. Gainsharing is a broad group incentive plan in which the company and employees share gains financially. Together, they form a powerful combination for improving individual and organizational performance.

Team-Based Pay Plans

American business has embraced teams. Teams operate differently and so must be paid differently in order to maximize their effectiveness and fairness. We develop small and large team incentive pay plans to reward teams for their achievements. Team incentive development often stems from our team development efforts. When we understand your teams and their purposes, we can develop the most effective incentives to help them accomplish their goals.

Equity-Based Incentive Plans

ValuGain SM Plans are our unique variation of equity-based incentive plans. Their goal is to make every covered employee feel and behave like a business owner. While equity-based incentives were designed originally for corporate executives and leaders of family-owned businesses, our ValuGain Plans extend the concept downward in organizations of all sizes to create a sense of ownership in and concern for the business.

One Day Audit

When you need an independent professional evaluation of your pay program, take advantage of our One Day Audit. It is an intensive, one day, on-site audit of your pay program covering over 15 key areas. We then present our findings to top management. In the end, you'l have a clear plan and direction for improving your pay program at your own pace.

Retention audit

Why do employees leave their organizations? If your company has a problem with employee turnover, our Retention Audit may be what you need. We believe that employee turnover is caused by one or more of seven “dimensions of turnover.” We study these dimensions in your organization to identify the reasons why people are apt to leave or are leaving your company. When we are done, you will have a plan for reducing future turnover.

Culture Audit

Defining “culture” may not be easy, but it has a major impact upon the likelihood that employees will want to work for your company, or will stay once they get there. We have identified ten “dimensions of culture” that affect the morale of employees at work. We also customize these dimensions to your workplace. In the end, you will have gained great insight into the factors that have produced a positive or negative view of “life at work” in your organization.

Outsourced Human Resource Services

CompCare Direct SM and HR Care SM are our exclusive packages of services for small and mid-size businesses. CompCare Direct contains virtually all the functions performed by an in-house Compensation department, while HR Care contains virtually all the functions performed by an in-house HR department. Our unique support models are designed to provide as much support as you need.

Performance Management

Even the Training and Development function is changing. Today, we think of it more as the Performance Management department. Why? Because Training and Development programs must contribute to the business strategy, success and profitability of your company. To do so, they must be linked to business goals and provide a real return. Our customized Performance Management programs are linked directly to your business objectives.

Competency Identification

Competencies can be thought of as white-collar skills. Identifying competencies required by your company can be worthwhile, but getting there can seem like a never-ending process. We've developed a process for quickly determining competencies. Once identified, we link competencies to pay, hiring, training and other processes for a truly integrated approach for harnessing the power of competencies to benefit your organization.

Competency-Based and Role Evaluation Plans

Job Evaluation Plans examine and evaluate job characteristics. But while jobs may change, the competencies required in stable groups of activities never change. Therefore, it is reasonable to value jobs by studying the competencies which they contain. We've developed Competency-Based Evaluation Plans to do just that. After studying the competencies identified by many companies, we discovered that many are the same. So we captured them in an Evaluation Plan that can be applied in many companies. In addition, we have created Role Evaluation Plans that are centered upon roles rather than jobs or competencies.

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